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May 5th, 2010 (08:30 am)

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*puts on flame-retardant armor* (Though if you are inappropriately offensive or derogatory or what-have-you, I might remove the comment, rather than respond. If you want to offer an opposing viewpoint, feel free to do so in a polite manner.)

Yes, the law is probably going to be used inappropriately. Yes, this is a bad thing and should be addressed. Yes, illegal immigration is a problem, because it exposes people to exploitation and the lack of response has basically opened our southern border wide to drug dealers and other evil-doers.

But you know, the immigration problem is one that doesn't really get much notice in Washington, despite the fact that the illegal immigration business is basically run by crooks and drug dealers who have free rein to exploit people who, by and large, just want a better life. It's been this way for years, but Washington, who SHOULD be doing something, hasn't. I don't know what's going to happen in the short term (I dread to think, really), but in the long term, maybe this will actually get something done about the issue.

Of course, it's a complex issue. You've got questions like "Would these jobs exist if the employers has to pay minimum wage and be all above-board and such?" And "Are these jobs that American citizens would do if that were the case?" And "How do you tell the drug dealers from the people just wanting to work?" And "If you develop some sort of naturalization or worker program, it's probably not going to really stop the drug dealers, so how do you deal with that?" And "How do you do this without raising taxes?" (Which is where my political views of the gov't actually are at odds with not wanting to pay more taxes. Immigrations is one of the things the feds are supposed to be doing, and they're not really bothering. This means that states are doing it, and apparently doing it badly. (Though there have been reports of people actually going back over the border, so I suppose it depends on your definition of 'badly.')) And "How do you improve conditions in the home countries of these people so that the idea of slave labor in the US doesn't actually seem better?"

It's quite a mess, and given politics right now, I doubt it's going to be dealt with in any kind of reasonable and helpful manner, because it's all become not just politicized but politics have in many ways become a religion, where you don't listen to the other guy because he's on the other side and is therefore WRONG. (Maybe it's always been that way. I dunno. It's one of the reasons I hate politics.)