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A bit tender

January 6th, 2011 (08:15 pm)

current mood: raw

I've been wrestling with my personal statement for my grad school applications. (Did I mention I'm applying to MFA programs in creative writing?) I'm on take 4 now, if I'm counting right. I'm getting closer and closer to something that I think will make me stand out. I do feel a bit raw, though. But I've also discovered something about myself and my writing, so that's good. I just wish it weren't quite so ... well, not PAINFUL painful, but ... tender, I guess. Like when you've drunk a hot drink that's sitting in your stomach and maybe you should have waited for it to cool down a bit more.

Anyway, even if I need to edit it a bit more, I'll probably let it sit for another day or two, as I need to put in a lot more work on my actual portfolio. In addition to everything I need to do for work. /panic. The first three schools may not get the BEST of my work. It's okay, I want to get into the fourth school more anyway. Really! And I'm not panicking. Nope, not me. Cool as a cucumber. (In a wok, maybe!)


Posted by: Jenny "The World is Quiet Here" (napalm_isis)
Posted at: January 7th, 2011 07:25 pm (UTC)
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